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Enrico Pellizzoni launches a new series of chairs and stools.

Frenchkiss design chairs were born from the pencil of Stefano Bigi, the French-Italian designer with a passion for furniture and a declared obsession for chairs. Creativity on one side, manufacturing expertise on the other, the same passion in common. When Stefano and Enrico Pellizzoni started to work on this project, their joint goal was clear: to develop a range of products offering the right balance between look and comfort, form and function, elegance and accessibility.

This new collection of design chairs by Enrico Pellizzoni is inviting, attractive, nice to look at, standing out for being elegant and comfortable at the same time. Not only a seat with four legs, the Frenchkiss series ranges from the simple chair to the swivel stool. An intended versatility.
Comfortable as an armchair, Frenchkiss embraces its guests, who can sit to work, wait, rest, eat, entertain. The variety of versions is meant right to satisfy any design or functional requirement. According to their scope, designers or private customers will be guided through defined selection criteria to get right what they are looking for.

The one-piece body is shaped by the fine leather covering, which is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, the feather in the cap of Enrico Pellizzoni. With high or low back, the body as well as the thin cushion can be covered also with colored soft leather or felt.
The base of either chair or stool also makes the difference: Frenchkiss looks sophisticated with the four legs made of walnut Canaletto or Ash, sober with the metallic base, professional with the swivel column. Always comfortable and smart.
Satisfied with the output after intensive studies and tests, Stefano Bigi comments “If design has to seduce, comfort has to convince”. And Enrico Pellizzoni can only add that with Frenchkiss the goal is achieved.
Italian design, French inspiration and global flair are perfectly merged when Frenchkiss design chairs meet the Rendez-vous collection of tables.


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